About us

At Mary Jane Rigs ‘n Cannabis,

we work hard to provide our little community with safe, top quality cannabis as well as having the best customer service you have yet to receive.

We are the first Licensed Cannabis Retailer and only Accessory Shop located in Enderby, BC. 

It truly is an experience coming into our shop and getting to know us. We have worked extremely hard (yes, blood, sweat, AND tears) the last two years for this opportunity to provide Enderby with safe, top quality, regulated cannabis products; that time has finally come! Not only do we have wicked taste in music, we have a wealth of knowledge to educate and answer any question you might have. Our cute little community does nothing but support each other as well as we do them. We encourage you to support us on our new journey, in a brand new industry.

Your Lovely Team Members, -MJRC



Its our mission to make sure you leave our shop with a smiling face, song stuck in your head and top quality products to consume.


Each customer that walks through our door is valued as soon as they take their first steps in and we will not stop to satisfy and maintain that.